Learn about your users

Flexible analytics, monitoring and reporting on user interaction with digital products



Attract the most valuable users Attract

Manage your efforts among campaigns, SEO/SEM, your presence in social networks and affiliations with Prism data on how traffic impacts the digital performance of your product.

Example applications:

  • Optimize your campaigns to generate more inscreen views. 
  • Select key AdWords that cause visitors to view more spots in your video or audio. 
  • Balance your social media efforts by checking unique visitors brought by social media. 
  • Design creatives that suit the profiles of users who are interested in each of your product categories.
  • Use long term (visitor) conversion to assess the potential of different traffic sources.


Manage your product with data driven decisions based on the behavior of your users and its impact on your bottom-line.

Example applications:

  • Build up the value of your inventory by finding and setting up behavior based target groups. 
  • Deliver planned inventory in accordance with predictions regarding the number of visitors and page views.
  • Manage your video content based on how much inventory it creates. 
  • Share campaign costs with brands using sales attributed to campaign in product categories. 
  • Check and adjust how your service matches your visitor expectations with internal search information.
Optimize - increase revenues, lower your costs Optimize


Engage users with your product Engage

Develop your product using behavioral data to assure that your users are happy and willing to return.

Example applications:

  • Optimize user experience with reliable data about screen sizes, platforms and other parameters of your users' devices. 
  • Increase sales by removing checkout process problems found with funnel reports. 
  • Support user experience adapting to real visitor paths through your website. 
  • Get more conversions with online form input analysis. 
  • Manage your product features and categorization according to their popularity. 
  • Support A-B or multivariate testing with bounce and conversion measurement.

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Flexible analytics, monitoring and reporting on user interaction with digital products

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